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Plausible Analytics for Material

Plausible Analytics is a simple, open-source, lightweight and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics.

This plugin implements Plausible Analytics support in Material for MkDocs.

Quick start

  1. Install the plugin:

    pip install material-plausible-plugin
  2. Add the following lines to mkdocs.yml:

      - material-plausible
        provider: plausible
        #: If using custom domain proxy or self-hosting Plausible,
        #: uncomment and specify script path here:
        # src: ""
          title: Was this page helpful?
            - icon: material/emoticon-happy-outline
              name: This page was helpful
              data: good
              note: >-
                Thanks for your feedback!
            - icon: material/emoticon-sad-outline
              name: This page could be improved
              data: bad
              note: >-
                Thanks for your feedback! Help us improve this page by
                using our <a href="..." target="_blank" rel="noopener">feedback form</a>.
  3. In your Plausible account, go to your website's settings and visit the Goals section. For each rating defined, click on the + Add goal button, select Custom event as the goal trigger and enter Feedback: {rating data value}.

    For example, if you have two ratings – good and bad, add Feedback: good and Feedback: bad goals.

Ratings will be shown in the Goal Conversions section at the very bottom of the page, as soon as any are available:


You can click on a specific “goal” to filter your dashboard by it. For example, if you filter by the Feedback: bad goal, you can see which pages need the most attention in the Top Pages section.

Live demo


material-plausible-plugin is distributed under the terms of the ISC license.