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Plausible Analytics for Material

Plausible Analytics is a simple, open-source, lightweight and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics.

This plugin implements Plausible Analytics support in Material for MkDocs.

Live demo

Quick start

  1. Install the plugin:

    pip install material-plausible-plugin
  2. Add the following lines to mkdocs.yml:

      - material-plausible
        provider: plausible
        #: If using custom domain proxy or self-hosting Plausible,
        #: uncomment and specify script path here:
        # src: ""

Feedback widget

To enable the feedback widget, add the following lines inside the block:

  title: Was this page helpful?
    - icon: material/emoticon-happy-outline
      name: This page was helpful
      data: good
      note: >-
        Thanks for your feedback!

    - icon: material/emoticon-sad-outline
      name: This page could be improved
      data: bad
      note: >-
        Thanks for your feedback! Help us improve this page by
        using our <a href="..." target="_blank" rel="noopener">feedback form</a>.

Then in your Plausible account, go to your website's settings and visit the Goals section. For each rating defined, click on the + Add goal button, select Custom event as the goal trigger and enter Feedback: {rating data value}.

For example, if you have two ratings – good and bad, add Feedback: good and Feedback: bad goals.

Ratings will be shown in the Goal Conversions section at the very bottom of the page, as soon as any are available:


You can click on a specific “goal” to filter your dashboard by it. For example, if you filter by the Feedback: bad goal, you can see which pages need the most attention in the Top Pages section.

You can track site search usage, too. Enable the search plugin, then in the Goals section, set up a goal named Search. On your statistics page, you can click it in the goals list to see what terms your users are searching for:



material-plausible-plugin is distributed under the terms of the ISC license.